Benefits of Water

Did you know that you could save an average of 50,000 calories a year by switching your sugared drinks to water?

   Water is Essential to Good Health.
You probably realize that water is crucial to your health, but are you drinking enough? Nutritionists recommend eight glasses of water daily to ensure proper hydration for maximum performance and energy. Water provides minerals essential to our health and helps flush wastes from our systems.

   Can you Trust your Drinking Water?
Across the country there is increasing concern over the quality of our drinking water. Lead and rust from pipes, chemical pollutants, pollution from landfills, and run-off from fertilizers used in homes and farms make our drinking water increasingly suspect. And municipal tap water is treated with chlorine and fluorides to “clean” biological pollutants and make our tap water “better”. Is it any wonder that more people are turning to bottled water for their drinking water?

   Is All Bottled water equal?
Unfortunately, no. There are often differences between products. But there are steps you can take to make the best choice. Check the source of the water. Many of these products are simply ordinary tap water processed to remove pollutants. Beneficial minerals are often removed as well. Other bottled water has been treated with chemicals, or had minerals added. Be cautious about the labels such as “natural” or “pure”. Labels can be misleading. Ask the bottled water company for a guaranteed chemical analysis of their water. Finally, how does the water taste? Water that has been processed is often flat and “tasteless.” Try it, and let your own taste buds be the judge.