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How Your Business Can Benefit from Using a Water Delivery Service

Water delivery services are popular among many businesses, and for good reason. Beyond simply providing your employees with a nice perk, a water delivery service can benefit your business in a variety of ways. Below are several great reasons to … Continue reading

Water and Brain Function: How Drinking Enough Water Helps You Operate at Your Peak Potential

Like the rest of the body, the brain consists mostly of water – about 80 percent water, to be exact. Therefore, if the brain lacks some of the water that it needs, its cells won’t operate properly. When you take … Continue reading

Purification Methods that Make Bottled Water Safe to Drink

It’s no secret that bottled water is popular among consumers today. In fact, bottled water has overtaken soda as being the top-selling beverage in the United States. Why do people choose to drink bottled water over water from other sources? … Continue reading

Water and Kidney Health: How Staying Hydrated Can Help Support Proper Kidney Function

Over the years, research has consistently documented the relationship between water and kidney health, finding that staying properly hydrated can reduce a person’s risk of developing kidney disease. Multiple studies have found that individuals who drink an appropriate amount of … Continue reading

A Home or Office Water Cooler Can Make It Easier for You to Drink the Recommended Daily Amount of Water

As most people are aware, drinking enough water is crucial to good health. But, even though you may have good intentions about staying hydrated, certain obstacles may arise that will prevent you from achieving this goal. For instance, you may … Continue reading





John Buckley is a great representative of your company.

Professional Career Center
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Your delivery drivers are really polite and very service oriented. I appreciate their customer service first attitude and their willingness to be of service.

Rene P. Montalvo
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Nice work, Mike! Sandy with Around the Clock Care called in and gave you a compliment:
Sandy said you are always on time each month and always pleasant. She is very pleased with you and wanted to make sure we knew.

Sandy – Around The Clock Care
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I will continue to order water from your company as the man that delivers it is very friendly and professional. It is convenient for the automatic withdrawal from my checking account, and the price is fair. I also enjoy receiving the updates and occasional specials offered.

Charles Snyder
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