Dehydration Symptoms that Indicate that You Should Be Drinking More Water

Aug 15, 2018

Dehydration SymptomsIf you’re looking out for your health, then dehydration is certainly something that you want to avoid. This condition – which occurs when more water leaves the body than comes in – can result in many unpleasant symptoms. Some of the main dehydration symptoms to watch out for include:

  • Difficulty concentrating – Researchers have found that people report decreased mental function when not drinking a sufficient amount of water.
  • Poor physical performance – Your muscles will fail to properly contract when dehydrated, leaving you slower and weaker during physical activity.
  • Dry mouth – You’ll run low on saliva when you aren’t drinking enough water. This can cause bacteria to grow in your mouth, resulting in bad breath.
  • Skin “tenting” – A lack of hydration will reduce the elasticity of your skin. When you pinch your skin, it will “tent” and stay in place rather than return to its original state.

Hydration Made Easy with Mountain Glacier

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