How a Water Cooler Delivery Service Works

Mar 16, 2021

Water Cooler DeliveryA water cooler delivery service is an excellent choice for businesses and families that want an easy way to ensure that they always have clean, refreshing water available. All sorts of workplaces benefit from this service, ranging from corporate offices and manufacturing facilities to retail shops and nail salons. And, virtually any family will appreciate not having to transport bottles of water home from the store in order to have great-tasting purified water to drink.

When you sign up for a water cooler delivery service, the company you hire will help you determine the type of water cooler and water jugs that are most appropriate for you. There are many different types of water coolers available, ranging in size, appearance, and temperature settings. You’ll also get to decide whether you prefer to use 5-gallon or 3-gallon water jugs on your water cooler (one size lasts longer and the other is easier to lift).

The water cooler delivery company that you hire will then come to your home or workplace to set up your water cooler and show you how to maintain it. They will provide you with your first month’s supply of water jugs, and from then on, will return on a regular basis to restock your supply. The service really is as simple as that. You generally won’t need to be present for deliveries, since the delivery person can just leave your water jugs in a predetermined location inside your office or outside your home.

Mountain Glacier is a water cooler delivery company that serves a diverse clientele in several regions throughout the country. One quality that sets us apart from other providers is that we bottle our own water – rather than buying it from a third party – to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards. We’re also known for providing customer service that’s second to none. As a Mountain Glacier customer, you can expect flexible scheduling options, straightforward billing practices, and a pleasant experience with every interaction. Contact us today to learn more about the water delivery service we offer in your area.