How an Office Water Service Benefits You and Your Employees Alike

Aug 15, 2018

Office Water ServiceYour employees are sure to appreciate you signing up for an office water service. The service will ensure that your employees always have great-tasting water on hand and never have to bring in their own water from home. Plus, they are sure to appreciate getting their water from a water cooler, as it will put chilled and hot water directly at their fingertips, so that they will always have water that’s the perfect temperature for drinking or making oatmeal and tea.

As an employer, you can benefit from an office water service, as well. In addition to boosting employee morale by providing your employees with a nice perk, you’ll gain from having a staff that’s properly hydrated in the workplace. People can become dehydrated even in an air conditioned office environment and suffer headaches, fatigue, and poor mental function as a result. This can hurt their productivity and your company’s bottom line. In contrast, when your staff is drinking a sufficient amount of water throughout the workday, they will feel more energized to tackle the work at hand. And people who remain properly hydrated over a long period of time are likely to be healthier and less apt to need to take time away from work for medical reasons.

Mountain Glacier Offers the Ideal Office Water Service for Your Business

If your workplace is located in Indiana or Kentucky, then look to Mountain Glacier for a convenient office water service that will help set your employees up for success. We’re a water delivery company that has served a diverse range of commercial clients over the years, and we’re known for our quality products and dedicated customer care. When you partner with us, we’ll set up a water cooler in your workplace and then return every month to replenish your inventory of water jugs and related supplies. Contact us today to learn more about our service and schedule your first delivery.