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Reasons to Sign Up for a Drinking Water Delivery Service

Mar 16, 2021

Drinking Water DeliveryThere are many reasons why as a business owner you may want to sign up for a drinking water delivery service. Perhaps you know that your employees don’t want to drink tap water, either because they don’t like how it tastes or because they don’t trust its quality. Or, maybe you work in an industry such as construction and lack a water supply at your jobsite. In such situations, it’s hardly a tenable long-term solution for you to continually buy large amounts of bottled water from the store. Plus, it would probably feel wasteful for you to go through so many water bottles on a regular basis.

With a drinking water delivery service, you can formulate a custom water delivery plan based on the amount of water that your employees drink each month. The company that you hire will simply leave the water jugs in a predetermined part of your office, sparing you from having to step away from your work to receive the delivery. They can also supply a rental water cooler that will dispense chilled or hot water with the press of a button. And, you can have related supplies delivered as well, such as paper cups, tea, and even coffee supplies.

Mountain Glacier Is the Drinking Water Delivery Company of Choice for Many Businesses

At Mountain Glacier, we focus on ensuring a superior customer experience for the businesses we serve. With a team that has more than 150 years of industry experience, we know how to meet the needs of virtually any commercial client. One major way that we stand out from the competition is that, unlike many companies, we purify and bottle our own water to ensure that it has a great taste and is priced at an affordable rate. You’re also sure to appreciate our wide selection of products, flexible delivery schedules, and straightforward billing practices.

Contact Mountain Glacier today to learn more about the convenient drinking water delivery service we offer for businesses in Indiana and Kentucky.