Water and Brain Function: How Drinking Enough Water Helps You Operate at Your Peak Potential

Oct 16, 2018

Water and Brain FunctionLike the rest of the body, the brain consists mostly of water – about 80 percent water, to be exact. Therefore, if the brain lacks some of the water that it needs, its cells won’t operate properly. When you take this fact into account, it should make complete sense that studies have consistently shown a connection between drinking enough water and proper brain function.

According to extensive research, people are more likely to commit mental errors when they are dehydrated. In fact, being dehydrated by just 2 percent has been shown to hurt performance with tasks that involve attention, psychomotor function, and short-term memory recall. In the workplace, people who are dehydrated have difficulty concentrating and are more likely to feel fatigued, tense, and anxious. And, dehydration can also result in headaches that make it difficult to focus on the work at hand. With this relationship between drinking enough water and brain function clearly established, it seems wise for businesses to set up a water cooler in their office to help keep their employees energized throughout the day.

Mountain Glacier’s Water Delivery Service

At Mountain Glacier, we offer water delivery services to businesses in Indiana and Kentucky. We serve corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, car dealerships, nail salons, and many other places of business. By providing your employees with a constant supply of great-tasting Mountain Glacier water that they will love to drink, you can help them stay healthy while also potentially boosting your bottom line.

Interested in trying our service? Contact us today! We’ll create a custom water delivery plan for the specific needs of your business and then schedule your first delivery. During this visit, we’ll set up your water cooler(s) and provide you with your initial supply of 3-gallon or 5-gallon water jugs. From then on, we’ll return every month to restock your supply of water jugs, as well as bring you whatever disposable cups or other supplies you require. Given the clear connection between drinking enough water and brain function, this can be a very prudent investment in the performance of your employees!