Water and Kidney Health: How Staying Hydrated Can Help Support Proper Kidney Function

Oct 16, 2018

Water and Kidney HealthOver the years, research has consistently documented the relationship between water and kidney health, finding that staying properly hydrated can reduce a person’s risk of developing kidney disease. Multiple studies have found that individuals who drink an appropriate amount of fluids have a lower risk of chronic kidney disease and other forms of reduced kidney function. And, while many of these studies have simply looked at the relationship between general fluid intake and kidney performance, water is clearly the superior choice over popular sugary beverages. In fact, it’s been found that people who drink soda on a daily basis are at an increased risk of developing some level of chronic kidney disease.

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When you consider the association between drinking enough water and kidney health, as well as the many other benefits that come with staying properly hydrated, you may feel motivated to increase your daily water intake. However, not having a consistent supply of water that you like to drink can make it difficult for you to achieve this goal.

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