Why a Bottleless Water Cooler May Be Right for Your Home or Business in Smyrna, TN

Bottleless Water Cooler Smyrna TNA bottleless water cooler, unlike a traditional cooler, draws water directly from your building’s water source. As a result, home and offices that rent these coolers from Mountain Glacier in Smyrna, Tennessee, enjoy more usable space because there is no longer a need to store water jugs. Bottleless water coolers also filter the water that flows through your building’s water line, so you will never run out of clean water to drink. Ours use fibrous carbon block filters to prevent contaminants from tainting your drinking water, ensuring that not only will you will always have clean water to drink, but that it will be absolutely delicious.

Renting a bottleless water cooler from us means that you have two models to choose from – a cold and room temperature cooler and a cold and hot water cooler – to suit the specific needs of your home or office. Installation is also hassle-free, and should take no more than an hour. Our installers will:

  • Put your water cooler in a spot that’s convenient for you
  • Look for the nearest water source
  • Link the water cooler to that water source, keeping the water line hidden to the extent possible

Mountain Glacier places a high premium on quality service. If you have any question or concerns, after your bottleless water cooler is installed, whether you’re in Smyrna, TN, or the surrounding area, don’t hesitate to call us. One of our customer care representatives will promptly help you in any way they can. To learn more about our bottleless water filter dispenser systems, contact us today.