Bottleless Water Cooler Rentals in Syracuse, NY

Bottleless Water Cooler Syracuse NYA bottleless water cooler is an excellent choice if you want to provide your employees with clean water to drink without having to continually swap out water jugs on the cooler. If you’re interested in adding this type of water cooler to your business in Syracuse, New York, the company for you to call is Mountain Glacier. We can install a water cooler that will connect directly to a water line in your building to provide you with a virtually endless supply of clean water.

The reasons to get your bottleless water cooler from Mountain Glacier include:

  • Quality equipment – Our water coolers have top-of-the-line carbon block filters that will effectively purify the water in your building in Syracuse, NY, ensuring that it is safe for your staff to drink.
  • Attentive customer support – From the initial consultation to the installation of your water cooler and the continued support we will provide going forward, you can expect prompt and effective service from knowledgeable specialists.
  • Affordable prices – Our water cooler rental rates are highly competitive, so you can make this great addition to your workplace without spending an excessive amount of money.

With Mountain Glacier, you will also have the option of choosing water coolers that dispense water from 5-gallon or 3-gallon jugs. If you choose one of these water coolers you will be able to provide your staff with great-tasting Mountain Glacier water, which has undergone reverse osmosis and other purification processes to ensure it meets the highest quality standards.

To add a bottleless water cooler or traditional water cooler to your office in Syracuse, NY, contact Mountain Glacier today. Our representatives would be happy to answer any questions you have about our water cooler rental service.