Add a Cold Water Dispenser to Your Home or Business in Mount Vernon, IN

Cold Water Dispenser Mount Vernon INYour best source for a cold water dispenser in Mount Vernon, Indiana, is Mountain Glacier. We are a water delivery company that offers a range of water coolers for rental and purchase. After we install a water cooler in your home or business, you will have chilled drinking water right at your fingertips anytime you want. We will deliver 5-gallon or 3-gallon water jugs (depending on your preference) to you every month, ensuring that you maintain a constant supply.

In addition to a quality cold water dispenser and great-tasting water, Mountain Glacier will provide unbeatable customer service. You can expect:

  • Flexible delivery schedules – If you need to have a delivery made earlier than usual, want to temporarily pause deliveries, or simply have certain days and times that would work better for you, we will make sure you get your water when you want.
  • Friendly interactions – We hire delivery people and customer care representatives based on their dedication to providing a positive experience for our customers, so you can count on our team to eagerly meet the needs of your home or business in Mount Vernon, IN.
  • Ethical billing practices – While some other water delivery companies may try to hide charges in vague billing statements, we will be clear and honest out of respect for you.

Contact Mountain Glacier today to have your cold water dispenser installed. We look forward to providing your home or business in Mount Vernon, IN, with the great water you deserve.