Cooler Information

Cleaning Your Cooler
We recommend cleaning your dispenser every six months. Here’s how!

  1. Unplug the electrical cord and remove the empty bottle.
  2. Remove EZ Load Insert (if installed). Drain any water through the spigot.
  3. Carefully fill the reservoir with boiling tap water. Wait 3 minutes. ALWAYS BE CAREFUL NOT TO SPILL BOILING WATER ON YOURSELF!
  4. Use rubber gloves and scrub brush to clean reservoir and EZ Load Insert. NEVER use steel wool or anything abrasive.
  5. Drain water through spigot. Pour more boiling water in reservoir, then clean spigots, body, and handles.
  6. Drain all water through the cold and hot spigots.
  7. Rise, dry and replace the EZ Load Insert and plastic top (if installed)
  8. Place full bottle of water on top.
  9. If you have a hot water dispenser, remove the air from the tank by opening the hot spigot until water flows freely. Plug in the unit and allow a few minutes for the water in your dispenser to heat up or cool down.
  10. Enjoy!

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“Good service, fast and easy.”

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