The Best Drinking Water Delivery Service in Henderson, KY

Drinking Water Delivery Service Henderson KYMountain Glacier’s drinking water delivery service is a highly convenient choice for your home or business in Henderson, Kentucky. You will be able to rent or purchase a high-quality water cooler that dispenses hot and chilled water – or room temperature and chilled water, if that’s what you would prefer. We will bring you a new batch of water jugs on a monthly basis, simply leaving them at your home doorstep or wherever in your office you want, so you won’t need to step away from your daily routine to receive the delivery. You can then adjust planned orders or reschedule deliveries as needed by calling our customer care center or making the changes directly through our website.

When you sign up for the water delivery service that we offer in Henderson, KY, you can expect:

  • High-quality water – Our water undergoes reverse osmosis, UV light treatments, ozonation, and other processes to eliminate impurities and ensure it has a great taste that you and your family or staff members will love.
  • Competitive prices – By providing you with our water directly, rather than have another company deliver it like many of our competitors do, we cut out the middlemen and save you money.
  • Many product options – We offer our water in a variety of containers sizes, including the 5-gallon and 3-gallon water jugs that will fit on our water coolers, and 1-gallon water jugs and .5-liter bottles that you can keep in a fridge.
  • Phenomenal customer service – As part of our customer-focused approach, we promise on-time deliveries, straightforward billing statements, and a pleasant experience with every interaction.

Getting started with Mountain Glacier’s drinking water delivery service is easy. Simply call our customer care center to schedule the first delivery to your home or business in Henderson, KY.