The Premier Home Water Service in Henderson, KY

Home Water Service Henderson KYMountain Glacier’s home water service is popular among homeowners in Henderson, Kentucky, and beyond who are interested in staying healthy by drinking the daily recommended amount of water. When you reach out to us regarding your water needs, we will formulate a custom water delivery plan that’s perfectly suited for your family. We can rent or sell you a quality water cooler and then return on a regular basis – usually once a month – to drop off a new supply of 5-gallon or 3-gallon water jugs and take away the empty jugs from the previous month. We can also supply you with coffee supplies, disposable cups, tea bags, and more.

You’re sure to love our home water service because we provide:

  • Great-tasting water – We utilize a broad range of advanced purification equipment to eliminate impurities and ensure that our water has a taste your family will love.
  • Convenience – Buying your water from the store can be a big hassle, especially if your family drinks a lot of water and you’re lugging home multiple jugs at a time. You will appreciate how much easier it is to have water delivered to your doorstep instead.
  • Affordability – Instead of bottling our water and then having another company deliver it to your home in Henderson, KY, we will provide it to you directly, cutting out the middlemen to make our service more affordable for you.
  • A pleasant experience – Our team consists of water experts who truly care about ensuring your complete satisfaction. You will find that with every interaction we’re ready and willing to do whatever we can to meet your needs.

Sign up for our home water service today by contacting our customer care center. We look forward to providing you with the water you need to stay hydrated and healthy. We proudly serve homeowners in Henderson, KY, and beyond.