Want a Hot and Cold Water Dispenser for Your Home or Workplace in Niagara Falls, NY?

Hot Cold Water Dispenser Niagara Falls NYWith a hot and cold water dispenser from Mountain Glacier in your home or workplace in Niagara Falls, New York, you will find it easy to drink the daily recommended amount of water. You will have a high-quality water cooler stocked with our great-tasting water, making it convenient for you to stay hydrated throughout the day. In addition to dispensing chilled water for drinking, the machine will provide hot water for teas and oatmeal, benefiting you in a variety of ways.

To ensure that you maintain a constant supply of water, we will formulate a custom delivery plan for you and then drop off new 5-gallon or 3-gallon water jugs each month. This will spare you from having to purchase your own water from the store. We will simply leave your water jugs in a predetermined location at your Niagara Falls, NY, home or workplace and take away your empty jugs from the previous month, making the experience highly convenient for you.

In addition to convenience, there are numerous other benefits of partnering with Mountain Glacier to get the water you need. For example:

  • You can place or adjust orders by calling our customer care center or making the changes through our website, whichever works best for you.
  • In addition to water coolers and water jugs, we offer paper cups, tea bags, and coffee supplies, providing you with the ease of true one-stop shopping.
  • Because we bottle our own water and will provide it directly to you, we keep costs low by cutting out the middlemen, saving you money.
  • There are no long-term contracts – you can stop deliveries any time you want.

To have a hot and cold water dispenser set up in your home or workplace, contact Mountain Glacier today. We’re proud to serve clients throughout Niagara Falls, NY, and surrounding areas.