Your New Office Water Cooler in Clay, NY, is Just a Phone Call Away With Mountain Glacier

Office Water Cooler Clay NYAn office water cooler is more than a convenient place for employees to get a drink of water and chat about the latest episode of their favorite television show. It’s potentially a simple, cost-effective method of increasing worker productivity. While that may seem obvious at businesses where workers do a lot of hot, sweaty labor, it’s just as true at companies where employees spend most of their day sitting at desks in an air-conditioned office. That’s because research has shown proper hydration improves cognition, memory, alertness, and mental aptitude, while at the same time combating fatigue and drowsiness.

Installing a water cooler at your business in Clay, New York, or adding an additional dispenser is a decision that will benefit both you and your employees for years to come. When you’re ready to make the smart move, turn to Mountain Glacier. We’ve built our stellar reputation by supplying only the highest-quality equipment and providing unequaled customer service throughout Clay, NY, and surrounding communities.

We’ll work with you to determine which of our many office water cooler varieties is right for your business. Those include:

  • Freestanding or countertop dispensers to optimize space and fit your floorplan
  • Coolers that provide hot and cold water, and coolers that provide room temperature and cold water
  • Models that dispense our great-tasting bottled water, or bottleless models that utilize your existing water supply while filtering out impurities and excessive chlorination
  • An elegant crock and wooden stand dispenser that provides room-temperature water

In addition to rentals, many of our models can be purchased. Call Mountain Glacier today to learn more about the numerous office water cooler options we provide throughout Clay, New York. We’ve made it our business to improve your business.