Do You Need Office Water Supplies for Your Workplace in Syracuse, NY?

Office Water Supplies Syracuse NYYou will love having Mountain Glacier deliver office water supplies to your workplace in Syracuse, New York. Everyone appreciates having clean, refreshing water to drink in the office, but it’s a hassle to transport the water from the store. When you sign up for Mountain Glacier’s water delivery service, we will provide you with everything you need to enjoy great-tasting water in your place of business.

Here’s how our service works:

  • You can get started by calling our customer care center. We will talk with you about your needs and formulate a custom delivery plan for your workplace in Syracuse, NY.
  • During our first visit to your office, we will set up your water cooler, which you can rent or buy, and provide you with your initial stock of 5-gallon or 3-gallon water jugs.
  • We will then return on a regular basis – for most of our customers, we visit once a month – to replenish your supply of water jugs and whatever other office water supplies you want (we also offer disposable cups, tea bags, and coffee products).
  • You will be able to adjust future orders with ease by either calling us, making the request through our website, or leaving a note with the empty water jugs that your delivery person will pick up.
  • You can cancel any time – there are no long-term contracts – giving you flexibility you’re sure to appreciate.

To have office water supplies delivered by a company that’s known for providing a highly convenient service, contact Mountain Glacier today. We’re the water delivery company of choice for businesses throughout Syracuse, NY, and beyond.