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Have a Bottleless Water Cooler Installed at Your Workplace in Bloomington, IN

Bottleless Water Cooler Bloomington INA bottleless water cooler can help your staff members in Bloomington, Indiana, stay hydrated and healthy. With an abundant supply of refreshing water available, your employees will be encouraged to drink enough water to feel energized and alert. The equipment will be connected to the water supply in your building, so it can filter impurities using a top-of-the-line carbon block filter that will ensure you and your staff members will be drinking quality water. Because you can rent these water coolers, you can have the quality equipment you want without needing to make a big upfront investment or go shopping for the equipment yourself.

Other benefits of choosing a bottleless water cooler from Mountain Glacier include:

  • You will never need to worry about storing water jugs in your office, so you can conserve storage space.
  • We will set up your water cooler, sparing you from having to do any of this work yourself.
  • You can rent the equipment without signing a long-term contract, so you can have the flexibility you want as a business owner or office manager.
  • If any repairs are required during your rental, we will promptly fix or replace the equipment, so you won’t incur this expense yourself like you would if you bought the equipment.

If you’re ready to have a bottleless water cooler installed at your office in Bloomington, IN, contact Mountain Glacier today. You can reach our customer care center by calling (888) 423-1955. In addition to bottleless equipment, we offer a wide variety of traditional water coolers that dispense water from 5-gallon and 3-gallon water jugs. We will gladly help you determine which type of water cooler is best for your business.

“Indiana's best water company!!”

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“Signed up about three weeks ago. Water taste absolutely Great! The Driver was phenomenal knocked on my door and set everything up for me! We have had a horrible time with other water companies but from one delivery we can tell it's gonna be great!”

“Switched over from water delivery. Once that was settled, have had nothing but a great experience. Called for a delivery, and they brought it same day!”

“I have been very happy with my water and the service from Mountain Glacier! No complaints, will be recommending to my friends and family for there water needs!”

“Indiana's best water company!!”

“Good service, fast and easy.”

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