How to Choose the Right Cold Water Dispenser for Your Home or Business in Evansville, IN

Cold Water Dispenser Evansville INYou want to get a cold water dispenser for your home or office in Evansville, Indiana, but how do you know which model is dependable? And is it more cost effective to buy one or rent one? Mountain Glacier can help you make some decisions. We’ve been supplying homes and businesses with water coolers since 2006, so we are qualified to lend you expert advice.

First, you should know that buying a cold water dispenser might involve a sizable up-front investment. If your budget prohibits from you buying a cooler, then renting one from Mountain Glacier is an ideal alternative, saving you money, and the stress and time of having to shop around.

Secondly, we offer several types of water coolers, meaning that the product our customers in Evanvsille, IN, may know as a cold water dispenser can also dispense hot water, too, providing you water at just the right temperature to make instant coffee, tea, or soup. In addition to having multiple temperature options, Mountain Glacier’s coolers:

  • Can all hold both our 5-gallon and 3-gallon water jugs, allowing you to choose the size that best serves the needs of your home or office
  • Vary in appearance to suit your design tastes, or to better blend in with your decor
  • Vary in size, which is convenient if you need bottled water and your space is limited
  • Are top quality, so that you can be confident that your cold water dispenser will keep working when you need it

Mountain Glacier also offers bottleless water filter dispenser systems that connect to your building’s water source, thus freeing up space in your home or office by eliminating the need for bottles. To talk to one of our representatives about which cold water dispenser might be right for your home or office in Evansville, IN, contact Mountain Glacier today.

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“Indiana's best water company!!”

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