Choose Mountain Glacier’s Water Cooler Service for Your Workplace in Chili, NY

Water Cooler Chili NYAdding a water cooler to your office is a great way to show your staff members in Chili, New York, that you care about their health and well-being. At Mountain Glacier, we make it easier than ever to provide your employees with great-tasting drinking water in the workplace. Because we bottle our water ourselves at our state-of-the-art facility near Chili, NY, we can ensure our water meets the highest standards for purity and taste. Plus, by cutting out the middleman and providing you with our water directly, we offer a water cooler service that is highly affordable. Our unique business model enables us to keep costs low and pass on savings to you.

When you sign up for our water cooler service, here’s how you can expect the process to proceed:

  • Sign up either over the phone or by placing your order through our website.
  • The delivery person assigned to your account will call you within one business day to schedule your first water delivery.
  • During this first visit, we will set up your water cooler, show you how to use it, and place your first month’s supply of water jugs in a convenient location in your Chili, NY, office.
  • For subsequent visits, your dedicated delivery person will simply take away your empty jugs from the previous month and leave your new supply of water jugs in a pre-determined location in your workplace.
  • If you ever need to adjust an order or pause deliveries, you can do so with ease by calling our customer care center or making the changes directly through our website.

To help keep your employees hydrated and happy in the workplace, contact Mountain Glacier today. We offer our water cooler service for workplaces in Chili, NY, and surrounding areas.