Choose Mountain Glacier’s Water Cooler Service for Your Workplace in Gates, NY

Water Cooler Gates NYWhat makes Mountain Glacier the water cooler company of choice in Gates, New York? For starters, people simply love our water. At our world-class bottling facilities, we use a host of purification techniques to eliminate impurities and ensure our water has a great taste.

Furthermore, businesses appreciate our affordable prices. Our water cooler service is an inexpensive – yet beloved – perk for employees. We are able to keep our costs so low because, unlike the companies that buy their water from a third party and sell it at an increased price, we’ve cut out these middlemen. That way, we can pass on savings to you.

When you sign up for our service, we will set up a water cooler in your Gates, NY, workplace and return on a regular basis to drop off whatever water jugs and related supplies you need. We can deliver any of the following items:

  • Water jugs – Our highly popular 5-gallon and 3-gallon jugs can be used on your water cooler, and our gallon jugs and .5-liter bottles can be kept in a refrigerator
  • Cups, tea bags, and more – We offer all the supplies you may need to enjoy our water to the fullest.
  • Coffee supplies – Our selection includes ground coffee, creamer, sweetener, stir sticks, and more.

To provide your employees with great-tasting drinking water, contact Mountain Glacier today. We can promptly schedule a convenient time to set up a water cooler in your workplace in Gates, NY.