Do You Want a Water Cooler for Your Workplace in Lewisport, KY? Look to Mountain Glacier

Water Cooler Lewisport KYWith a water cooler filled with Mountain Glacier water in your office, your staff members will enjoy a constant supply of some of the finest bottled water available in Lewisport, Kentucky. Unlike the water cooler companies that simply purchase their water from a third party and sell it to you at an increased price, we purify our water ourselves at our own world-class bottling facilities. There, we utilize reverse osmosis, ozonation, and UV light to eliminate impurities and give the water its great taste. Plus, by cutting out the middlemen, we keep costs low so we can pass on significant savings to you.

As part of our water cooler service, we can provide you with monthly deliveries of drinking water in 5-gallon, 3-gallon, or 1-gallon jugs, as well as .5-liter single-serve bottles. We can also supply your water cooler, with options that include:

  • Water coolers that dispense both chilled and hot water – With these coolers, your employees will have chilled water when they want to cool off, and hot water for their teas and instant oatmeal.
  • Countertop water coolers – We can supply freestanding water coolers as well as models that will sit on your countertop to save floor space in your office in Lewisport, KY.
  • Bottleless water coolers – Our selection includes both traditional water coolers that dispense water from our water jugs as well as bottleless water coolers that will connect directly to the water source in your building, providing you with an endless supply of clean drinking water.

Contact Mountain Glacier today and we’ll promptly come set up a water cooler in your workplace. We proudly serve businesses in Lewisport, KY, and the surrounding areas.