Water Cooler Rental Service for Businesses in Liverpool, NY

Water Cooler Rental Liverpool NYThe most trusted water cooler rental company serving Liverpool, New York, is Mountain Glacier. You can count on us to provide you with quality rental equipment, sparing you the large upfront investment that comes with purchasing a water cooler. Another benefit of renting instead of buying is that, in the event the equipment needs to be repaired, we will fix or replace your water cooler for you, so you won’t have to bear that responsibility.

The businesses that we serve in Liverpool, NY, and beyond also appreciate how we offer a wide variety of water coolers to choose from. Here are some important facts about our water coolers:

  • They are compatible with both our 5-gallon and 3-gallon water jugs, so you can use the type of water jugs that you find the most convenient. Since 5-gallon water jugs are the largest option available, they don’t need to be changed out as often, but 3-gallon water jugs are lighter and easier to change.
  • You will get to choose from coolers that vary in the temperature of the water they dispense. One option for your water cooler rental is equipment that dispenses chilled water and hot water, so your employees will have refreshing water to drink and hot water for making oatmeal, teas, and instant soups.
  • We offer water coolers that stand on the floor and smaller units that will sit on a countertop. That way, you can conserve floor or counter space as needed.

Sign up for your water cooler rental by calling Mountain Glacier today. Of course, we are also your best source for drinking water in Liverpool, NY. Our signature bottled water is available in 5-gallon jugs, 3-gallon jugs, 1-gallon jugs, and .5-liter bottles.