Water Cooler Options for Businesses in Rochester, NY

Water Cooler Rochester NYWhen businesses in Rochester, New York, want a convenient water cooler service, they turn to Mountain Glacier. We’ll make it easy for you to provide your employees with clean, refreshing water that they will love to drink. When you sign up for our water delivery service, we’ll set up a water cooler in your workplace, show you how to use it, and give you your initial supply of water jugs, as well as whatever paper cups, teas, and related products you need to enjoy our water to the fullest. We’ll return to replenish your supply of water, and take away your empty jugs from the previous month, according to a delivery schedule that suits your calendar. When we visit, we’ll place your new water jugs in a pre-determined location in your office, requiring no effort from you.

You’ll get to select from a wide range of water cooler options to select the type that best suits the preferences of your employees in Rochester, NY. We offer water coolers that vary in terms of:

  • Temperature settings – With Mountain Glacier, your staff members can enjoy drinking water that is dispensed at their preferred temperature. Our selection includes water cooler technology that instantly dispenses chilled water as well as hot water, so your employees can easily make hot teas and instant soup.
  • Water cooler sizes – Choose from traditional freestanding water coolers and coolers that will sit on your countertop to save space.
  • Bottle and bottleless options – We offer several different types of water coolers that are compatible with our 5-gallon and 3-gallon jugs, as well as bottleless water coolers, which we’ll connect directly to the water source in your building to provide an endless supply of filtered water.

To get started with our water cooler service, either call our customer care center during normal business hours or place your order directly through our website. In no time, your employees in Rochester, NY, can begin enjoying “water, the way Mother Nature intended.