A Water Cooler Service in Clay, NY, That Is a Step Above the Rest

Water Cooler Service Clay NYAre you trying to find the best water cooler service for your business in Clay, New York? If so, look to Mountain Glacier. We are a highly experienced water delivery company that has proven its ability to meet the needs of any business in any industry. When you contact us, we will create a personalized water delivery plan that ensures your employees and clients will always have clean water to drink. We can also provide you with your water cooler as well, so you can know for sure that you are renting or buying quality equipment.

For our water cooler service, we will drop off 5-gallon or 3-gallon water jugs on a monthly basis and take away your empty jugs from the previous month. This convenient program is popular among businesses in Clay, NY, for the following reasons:

  • Top-quality water – We have invested heavily in our state-of-the-art bottling facilities so we can provide you with clean, great-tasting water directly. This practice ensures that your water will have the high level of purity you want and that you will receive the water at a competitive price.
  • Positive customer experience – At Mountain Glacier, we understand what a difference it makes when the people you interact with are friendly and genuinely eager to meet your needs. Everyone from our delivery people to our customer care representatives truly cares about making our water cooler service a positive experience for you and earning your complete satisfaction.
  • Many product options – We offer our water in a variety of container sizes, so you can select an option that you find convenient. In addition to water jugs, we can also bring you disposable cups, tea bags, ground coffee, creamer, sweetener, and more.

If you want a water cooler service that will meet your specific needs, contact Mountain Glacier today. We proudly serve businesses in Clay, NY, and many other cities throughout the region. Scheduling your first water delivery is just a phone call or few clicks away.