Mountain Glacier – the Water Delivery Company of Choice for Workplaces in Cheektowaga, NY

Water Delivery Cheektowaga NYWhat separates Mountain Glacier from other water delivery companies in Cheektowaga, New York? For starters, to provide you with the finest water possible, we purify our water ourselves at our own world-class bottling facilities, where we utilize reverse osmosis, ozonation, and UV light to eliminate impurities and give our water its great taste. The water we offer as part of our water delivery service has earned the approval of a wide range of regulatory and industry organizations, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), NSF International, and the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA). In fact, we’ve received multiple awards for “Excellence in Manufacturing” from the IBWA for consistently outperforming industry standards.

To suit the specific water delivery needs of your workplace in Cheektowaga, NY, we offer our water in many different container sizes. Choose from:

  • 5-gallon jugs – As our largest container size, 5-gallon jugs minimize the number of times that you’ll need to replace the jugs on the cooler.
  • 3-gallon jugs – Because 3-gallon jugs weigh less than 5-gallon jugs, they make it easier to swap out the jugs on the cooler.
  • 1-gallon jugs – With our 1-gallon jugs, which will fit inside of your refrigerator, you can enjoy our great-tasting water without needing a water cooler for your workplace.
  • .5-liter bottles – Our single-serve bottles will give your employees and visiting clients the option to take our refreshing water with them on the go.

We offer our water delivery service to corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, and other businesses in Cheektowaga, NY. To discuss how we can help your employees stay hydrated in the workplace, contact Mountain Glacier today.